19th December, 2008

Echoes of last year´ s exhibition - 21st to 23rd of November and 7th of December, 2008

Everybody has stillness within –
boundless as the universe itself.
We long for it.
We can return to it.
Jack Kornfield

In this exhibition we succeeded in creating a room of stillness, carefully orchestrated through the paintings of Ines Voelchert and my own sculptures, the tones of Tibetan singing-bowl music of Deuter, and the atmospheric Sign-Candles of Jwala Gamper.

Within this room many of the visitors were able to enter into a deep stillness and were visibly touched by the art that we presented. I was very happy to learn this and motivated to move further along this special path of mine. I wish all past and future visitors many moments of such stillness and rest.