The name, “Atelier im Stall” (Studio in a Stable), tells you where to find my studio. There is an old farmhouse in the center of Wilzhofen, a little village close to Weilheim, where the former cowshed has been converted into a studio: the ideal surrounding for my creative work.

The studio has two rooms. One of them is almost empty: just an old French carpenter´ s bench, a few seats and the tools that I need. I need the open space for my work. In this room, I also work with my students (see classes).

The second room, the larger, serves as a permanent show room for my sculptures. Here you can view them through out the year. My sculptures like to be seen and I enjoy presenting and explaining them to visitors. Therefore visitors are always welcome - simply call me beforehand to ensure that the studio is open.

Once a year, usually in autumn or early winter, an exhibition is held in the studio over two or three days. Sometimes I invite another artist to join me, whose art I like and appreciate and that will harmonize with my sculptures.

The photographs on this page (exhibition 2007) show paintings from Ines Voelchert. Her paintings and my sculptures complemented each other in such a wonderful way, that in 2008 we decided to create a further exhibition together: showing again a great dance of color and form (see News).